Website Monitoring is a service that enables you to track the performance and availability of your website. The monitoring system produces a periodic server check according to pre-specified parameters, reports the detected error and you receive a timely notification of changes as a result.
Whether you are a webmaster or not, you always need the most up-to-date information about the status of the website/s you are responsible for. Every second of your website’s downtime can lead to loss of customers and revenue, and cause negative impact on reputation. Monitoring will then help you reduce the downtime and avoid ruining your (or your client’s) website’s and business’ reputation.
In case you have an online store, you can use the service to monitor key products in your store. Monitoring key sections and functions of your website will allow you to always be aware of unwanted changes and disruptions altering the performance and availability of your site. Once a “change” is detected, you will get a notification e-mail or SMS instantly so you can quickly resolve the problem before you clients even notice.
Your website’s availability (uptime) and performance (response time) are an important element of your SEO strategy. Here’s why: search engines naturally rank websites with higher availability and performance better than those with lower performance.

Server monitoring allows you to monitor any server connected to the Internet. When a server error or a network connectivity problem occurs (this is monitored by PRTG PING tool), you receive an instant alert informing you of the problem, so you can take immediate steps to resolve it. Monitoring your servers then helps you increase critical server uptime.

Server monitoring can also be used as a syslog server or SNMP Trap Receiver: PRTG stores the sent log messages analyzed and stores them in a central location, after which an alarm is triggered.

Alarms can also be configured to notify you when a server or a drive fails (this is monitored by PRTG PING tool), CPU or memory usage reaches critical values, or if the hard disk space for your server is running out. This allows you to divide system resources properly and prevent downtime. In addition, PRTG gives you an overview of your network and gives you the ability to control your servers and Internet connections, and it’s also easier to troubleshoot Windows networks.